Power Track has alternate resources to feed the requirement of their customers for Under Carriage parts, including track chains, idler groups, rollers, bushing & pins, bolts & nuts, steel wheels, sprocket rims & segments, recoil springs bucket & bucket teeth.
  • Track Rollers
  • Track Links
  • Segment Sprocket
  • Front Idler
  • Cutting Edge
  • Bush & Pin for Track Link
  • Bucket Teeth & Adaptors (Ground Tools)
  • Bucket
  • Bolts & Nuts
  • Chromium-Nickel


Rollers designed for medium-range excavators feature advanced sealing systems, ensuring they remain sealed for their entire lifespan. These rollers undergo a process known as differential quenching, which enhances wear resistance at the rail diameter while maintaining high mechanical strength at the inner diameter. This helps prevent deformation even under heavy loads, ensuring reliable performance and durability in various operating conditions


Track links for medium excavators feature an optimized design in their main structural sections for enhanced performance. They incorporate pins and bushings made from selected materials and subjected to specific heat treatments to withstand high loads and impacts effectively. In severe applications, which demand greater durability, these track links require a field press for assembly. However, for lower severity applications and servicing needs, the assembly procedure does not necessitate a field press, simplifying maintenance processes.


Sprockets for medium-sized dozers feature a segmented design to facilitate easier undercarriage maintenance, eliminating the need for track chain removal during replacement. These sprockets are forged using Boron steel for enhanced durability and longevity through hardening. For medium-sized excavators in standard duty applications, cast sprockets are ideal, while forged sprockets are preferred for heavy-duty (HD) and forestry applications. Additionally, they offer multiple drilling patterns to accommodate various final drive flanges, ensuring compatibility across different equipment configurations.


Idlers with brackets for medium-range dozers feature an adjustable shimming system aimed at reducing idler to frame clearance. Additionally, rubber springs can be utilized to enhance vehicle NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness). Idler and track adjusters for medium-sized excavators are engineered to absorb external loads generated during the excavator’s working conditions, ensuring optimal performance and durability.


Motor grader cutting edges provide a balanced blend of abrasion and impact resistance, minimizing downtime. Engineered as a unified system, they enhance material movement efficiency. With superior strength and wear protection, they resist breakage and prolong wear life. Crafted from durable steel, they ensure consistent equipment performance. Opting for genuine Ground Engaging Tools safeguards investments and maintains peak equipment functionality.


We can produce a great variety of pin bushes.


The product offering has advanced chemical testing, mechanical testing and heat treatment equipment. Products widely used by industries of trucks, railcar, ground engaging tools, petroleum, shipping, mechanical engineering etc. to accommodate the customer’s different requirements, the INCOTEC take advantage of its two different kinds of casting processes, thus able to teat different kinds of casting materials, including carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.


We can produce all-purpose buckets for excavators from 0.5 to 75-ton class.
Also can produce as per customers specification & drawing.