Overview Of Power Generating Sets

Outstanding Features

  • Simple And Easy Operation:  The centralised and simple control system is provided for smooth operation and supervision.
  • Auto Shutdown: The need for continuous supervision is reduced through protective automatic shutoff devices to guard emergency drop of oil pressure and high engine temperature.
  • Low Cost Operation: Power-pac generators keep operation cost very low because of high efficiency of diesel engine.
  • Compact and lightweight Design: Size , weight and installation space is minimised through advance design by combining a diesel engine and single bearing alternator system.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is easy because no special foundation work is needed. All components are mounted on a common platform.
  • Easy Maintenance: Power-pac skid mounted generators allow easy access to all components.
  • Environment Friendly: The engines are so designed to ensure a minimum of air pollution and keeping in view the international standard of environment.
  • Sound Proof Enclosure: Sound Proof Enclosure suppress noise and to withstand climate effects is option


Powerpac Generating Sets are equipped with world fame diesel engine and alternator to meet electrical requirements from 36kVA to 1395kVA.High efficiency and most economical cost effect are the feature designed by expertise to ensure smooth current supply.    Powerpac Generating Sets are factory tested fully supported with backup technical assistance,spare parts supply and carry one year warranty.Engine are designed to ensure suitability for all power generation applications.Exceptional performance, Reliability, Durability and longevity combine to produce highest possible results with minimum operating cost




  • Model # PC-45
  • Remote mounted or fitted above the alternator on anti-vibration mountings.
  • Manual key start.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Ac voltmeter.
  • AC ammeter.
  • VM selector switch.
  • AM selector switch.
  • Frequency meter.
  • Phase indication light.
  • Generator load indicator.
  • Hours run meter.
  • Circuit Breaker.
  • Fuel on LED.
  • Engine control -12 or 24 VDC.
  • Engine shutdowns with separators indicator lights.
    • High water temperature with warning lights.
    • Under/Over voltage protection with indications lights.
    • Low oil pressure.
    • Over speed.
    • Under speed.
    • Repetitive alarm buzzer and silencing switch.
  • Engine gauges
    • Battery charging DC ammeter.
    • Water temperature
    • Oil Pressure.
    • Fuel level indication


NOTE: PC-45 series control panel is standard on all units.

  • Alarm buzzer with silencing switch.
  • Auxiliary relay for dry contacts.(2 max)
  • A separate low water lights is optional.
  • Hooded panel lights and on/off switch.
  • Additional LED lights one or two.

The following conditions may be indicated:

  • Unit not in auto.
  • Low water level.
  • Low water temp.
  • EPS supplying load.
  • Pre-alarm oil.
  • Pre-alarm temp.
  • Charger malfunction


Cooling System: 

  • Remote Radiator.
  • High Ambient Radiator.
  • Heat Exchanger Cooling.
  • Radiator Duct Flange.

Fuel System:

  • Fuel/Water Separator.
  • Day Tank.
  • Above Ground Fuel Tank
  • Sub-Base Mounted Fuel Tank.
  • Single wall.
  • Double wall.

Exhaust System:

  • Industrial Grade Muffler.
  • Residential Grade Muffler.
  • Critical Grade Muffler.
  • Rain Cap.

Engine Electrical System:

  • Battery
  • Lead-Acid.
  • Nicad
  • Battery Rack.
  • Battery Charger.


  • Main line Circuit Breaker (2-pole or 3-pole).
  • Shunt trip.
  • Auxiliary switch.
  • Space Heater 120/240 volt.

Additional Optional Equipment:

  • Spring vibration isolators.
  • Oil Drain Extensions.
  • Sound Attenuated.
  • Weather Proof
  • Interior lights AC or DC.
  • Jacket Water Heater.
  • Crackcase Oil Heater.
  • Trailor Mounting.
  • Service Indicator Light.